Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I purchase a picture?

To purchase a picture online, click on ‘buy now’ and follow the instructions for payment using PAYPAL.
Or, contact us by E-mail or telephone to purchase directly using online banking or similar process.
We will discuss with you the arrangements and options for the delivery of your purchase.
At any stage we will be pleased to talk with you and provide more information about any of our pictures and the purchase options and delivery arrangements.

2.What is an Artist's Proof?

The term artist's proof dates back to the nineteenth century when prints were very popular and widely published and sold. Rather than pay the artists or engraver an outright fee for the right to publish his work or to pay a royalty on sales it was customary to allocate a small part of the printing to the artist. The artist would then sign them individually and use his contacts to sell these 'artist's proofs' at an enhanced price.

With modern limited edition prints, the small number of artist's are much sought after and command a premium.

In Fine art printing proofs are used to check and optimize all aspects of print quality to colour fidelity before the print run commences. This is solely an in house quality control procedure and these proofs will mostly be destroyed or only kept as a production record.

An artist's proof has no connection with the quality control process. An artist's proof is a small number of prints from the start of a limited edition production run which have been closely inspected and signed and numbered by the artist e.g. AP5/10. Succeeding prints will be signed and numbered by the artist with a running number e.g. 95/100.

AP 5/10 signifies that this is print number 5 of 10 prints inspected and signed by the artist. 95/100 signifies that this is print number 95 of 100 prints signed and numbered by the artist. In this case the total print run was 110 of which 10 were designated as artist's proofs.